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TaskTXT is now powered by Codemirror

New Codemirror-powered editor

TaskTXT now has an extremely capable code editor powering it. We've made use of the open-source CodeMirror editor to replace the TaskTXT editor. This has immediately enabled a few important features, improved performance and more consistent undo. It will also serve as a solid base for our future work.

Clickable URLs

URLs within your text are now detected and can be opened by command+clicking them (ctrl+click on windows). Super handy for storing context about your tasks

New timer button design

The timer and checkmark buttons have been redesigned. The checkbox is easier to access now as both icons are visible next to each other.

Check off any line

Now any line can be checked off, just hover in the margin next to an item to see the round checkbox.

Beep when going over timer

When you have a guess in your task, you'll now hear a sound when the time goes past your guess amount.


You can indent text and indentation level will be maintained when you go to a new line, if you like to organize text that way.

Per-page undo

If you switch between pages, a separate undo history is maintained for each.

Bring selection to new page

Now if you select some text, then option+click (alt+click on windows) the new page button, the selected text will be copied to the newly created page.

Command Mode Changes

The following updates have been made to the command mode shortcuts:

  • Added o and O shortcuts for open task above / below
  • Changed 'd' for done to 'x'
  • Added dd for deleting tasks

For reference, here are all the commands available

  • j: Select the next task
  • k: Select the previous task
  • s: Start or stop the timer for the selected task
  • x: Mark the selected task as done
  • n: Create a new task at the top of the page
  • o: Create a new task below the selected one
  • shift+o (O): Create a new task above the selected one
  • dd: Delete a task
  • ctrl+r (or cmd+shift+z): redo