The Todo List for Hackers

Task-timing text editor for your todos.

Plain text notes and todos built on a powerful programmer's text editor with Distraction-busting task timers that keep you singularly focused on your tasks. Supports Vim keybinds too.

Plain Text Powered

Plain text is powerful, ask any programmer. You already know how to use it and it's perfect for todos.

Distraction-busting timers

TaskTXT sprinkles in some focus-boosting magic in the form of little todo timers next to each todo.

Vim keybinds

Hackers that use Vim can enable Vim keybindings. Or use the default Vim-inspired command mode.

Infinitely Flexible

Organized? Cool. Pomodoro method? Go for it. Messy notes? Do what you've got to do.

Beautiful Design

We sweat the details because the nicer the app is, the more you’ll enjoy finishing your todos.

Lightweight organization

Our unique “Stacks” keeps todos organized without the endless tagging, naming and shuffling.

Dedicated Mac App

The best way to use TaskTXT is with the crispy-looking Mac app with dedicated keyboard shortcuts.

Sync between devices

Your todos and notes stay in sync between web (desktop and mobile) and the Mac app.

The power of a code editor, for your notes and todos

TaskTXT is built on the powerful CodeMirror editor. It's fast and efficient and includes features like optional Vim keybinds, advanced find and replace, multiple text selection ranges and more. Focus on your todos and notes, not rich-text formatting or quirky interfaces.

Plain text pages stacked on top of one another

Todo timing: a focus-boosting superpower

Tasks with timer buttons next to them

Timing your tasks focuses you on a todo at a time. It's a serious antidote to distraction.

You write down a todo, optionally type a guess for how long it will take, click the timer button and what do you think you're going to do next? Go check your email? No, you're on the clock! Your brain is practically begging to start doing the todo now. Being on the clock like is a huge incentive against giving in to distractions.

If you think of other todos that are part of your work but may distract from the one you're doing now, just write them down below, super easy to add new things when you're done, you check off the todo, it plays a nice ding sound and turns a pleasant shade of green. Congratulations, you're getting addicted to completing todos.

Welcome to the organization sweet spot

Organize your notes and todos with Stacks. Think of them as loose categories, that are up to you to define. Pages within stacks are easy to create and easy to find. The pages don’t have names, so the time between thinking of a something to write and writing it minimized, keeping you in flow.

Screenshot of TaskTXT showing stacks in the sidebar


Keep your fingers on the keyboard. TaskTXT customers fly through their todo list with our Vim-inspired command mode and the quick-access Stack menu. Serious hackers can enable actual Vim keybinds while still accessing the command mode shortcuts.

ESC: Command mode
  j: Next todo
  k: Previous todo
  s: Start timer
  x: Mark todo done
  J: Move todo down
  K: Move todo up
 dd: Delete todo
  n: New todo at top
  o: New todo below
  O: New todo above
  N: New page

Built for distracted minds

A tool to organize your todo list and battle distraction sounds great, but how many different productivity tools have you tried and given up on? A lot of these tools are more distracting than the distractions we're trying to avoid.

TaskTXT is built for distracted minds like ours so you can stick with it, get more done and be as productive as you'd like to be.

Thumbs up for: freeform text, focus-boosting task timers, friendly organization, crisp design. Thumbs down for: endless prioritization, categorization, scheduling, AI features, growth hacks, loading spinners, rigid workflows, bad UI, dark patterns, surveys, buzzwords.

“Dope, I really like this. Using the hell out of it.”

Allan Grinshtein Designer

“The little details and simplicity are what differentiates this from the rest of the pack.”

Abdellah Software Engineer

“This is fantastic! I've actually been sticking to it!”

Sindre Aarsaether Software Engineer