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Learn to use Stacks

Watch the YouTube video introducing Stacks

Stacks are how you organize in TaskTXT. You can create stacks for anything you choose such as "Work Todos", "Grocery Lists", "Exercise Log", "Daily Learnings" etc.

Each stack is like a stack of papers, you can create a new page within a stack whenever you want, to start on a fresh page, free of the distractions of your last page. You can easily navigate back to your previous pages.

If you've been using TaskTXT, you'll notice the list of stacks is located where there used to be a list of pages. The list of pages is accessed by clicking the page list icon in the toolbar (between the forward and backward buttons).

Read the introduction blog post or read on for instructions.

Create a Stack:

Click "+ New" in the sidebar next to the "Stacks" heading or click "Add Stack" in the Stack menu.

Access the Stack Menu:

Click the icon next to the Stack name in the toolbar or press command+k (control+k on Windows) for quick access. From this menu you can switch to another stack, add a new stack, and search for a stack. If your search has no results, you can press return to create a stack with that name.

Switch Stacks:

Click the stack name in the sidebar, or in the Stack menu. To quickly switch to a stack using they keyboard, activate the Stack menu using the command+k shortcut, then start typing the name of the stack.

Organize Stacks:

Drag and drop stacks in the sidebar to organize them.

Rename a Stack:

Double click the stack name in the sidebar or in the toolbar. Press enter to confirm the change, or escape to cancel.

Navigating Pages:

When you add a page, it is added to the current stack. Use the arrow buttons in the toolbar to go back or forward through your pages. The page list menu (located between the forward and back buttons) can be used to choose a page directly and to delete pages.