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Keyboard shortcut reference

TaskTXT supports a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to keep you productive. Windows users should replace instances of command for control and option for alt.

Command Mode

Command Mode is a Vim-inspired system for quickly entering commands to do things like start/stop timers, check off tasks, delete tasks etc. When Command Mode is active, the active task will be highlighted and the following commands can be used.

Command Description
escape Toggle command mode
j Select the next task
k Select the previous task
s Start or stop the timer for the selected task
x Mark the selected task as done
shift + j or shift + ↓ move task down
shift + k or shift + ↑ move task up
n Create a new task at the top of the page
o Create a new task below the selected one
shift + o Create a new task above the selected one
dd Delete selected task
shift + n Create a new page

Vim keybinds

Enable Vim keybinds in the settings (bottom left of the sidebar). Enabling Vim disables command mode, but the same commands can be used by adding the control key. For example, control + j to select the next task or control + shift + j to move a task down.

Vim is an command line code editor which dates back to 1976. It features separate command and insert modes which can seem strange and daunting at first, but once learned unlock extremely fast and fluid text editing capabilities. "Vim" is often used to loosely refer to any app which supports Vim-like keybindings (including TaskTXT). Vim in TaskTXT is based on the CodeMirror Vim extension which is maintained by Replit.

Text editing

These commands work in the text editor. Many other common text editing commands also work, for example undo (command + z) and redo (command + shift + z).

Command Description
command Hold down to makes urls clickable
command + ] Indent current line
command + [ Outdent current line

The following commands create multiple selection ranges. With multiple lines of text selected, they can all be edited at once. This is especially useful for moving several tasks to a new page which can be done using option + click on the new page button. The selected ranges will populate the newly created page.

command + drag Select multiple ranges
ctrl + option + up/down Expand selection (up/down)
cmd+d Expand selection to next match

Pages & Stacks

Use these commands to quickly navigate your Stacks.

Command Description
command + k Stack chooser, start typing to search for a stack
return Go to the highlighted stack in the stack menu
command + return New stack with the current filter text
option + click new page button New page from selected text
option + click on a stack Select and create page
option + return in Stack menu Select and create page


In addition to these commands, the search panel includes advanced options for replacing text and using regular expressions.

Command Description
command + f Open search panel
cmd + d Expand selection to next match
command + f Open search bar
command + g Select next occurrence

Mac app

These commands work in the TaskTXT Mac app.

Command Description
option + command + → Next page
option + command + ← Previous page
option + command + s Toggle sidebar
command + n New task
command + shift + n New page
command + option + n New stack
command + comma Open settings

Emacs style commands

Command Description
control + shift + p Previous task
control + shift + n Next task
control + shift + t Toggle timer
control + shift + x Toggle checkbox